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GUIL celebrate their 40th Anniversary
MARCH 10, 2023

2023 is not just any old year for GUIL.  It’s a very special year, the year that the Spanish company celebrate their 40th Anniversary.  40 years full of effort, dedication and determination, which have taken the company from being a small workshop in the heart of the city of Valencia to being a well-known figure in the industrial sector the world over.

GUIL 40 Aniversario

GUIL was born as a family company in 1983, the result of the vision and entrepreneurship of Eduardo Hinarejos, the company CEO, sowing the seed of the current group.  By the end of the 1980s, GUIL already stood out with the first supports and lifting devices manufactured in Spain, seeking perfection in all its products.

The 1990s were years of expansion: the great demand for GUIL’s products meant that very soon the company moved to a new industrial estate, its current headquarters.  The introduction of new products lines opened new market sectors, reaffirming GUIL’s presence in the industrial field.  The company’s production now covered various different sectors:  stage decks; lifting towers; trusses and rigging for the entertainment sector; equipment for bands and orchestras, a sector with a long and illustrious history in the Valencia area; material lifters aimed at the industrial and air-conditioning sectors.

With the new century after the year 2000, the company made great advances.  This period produced many new product launches in all the divisions, with the GUIL team taking on new engineers, and specialists in technology and marketing.

During this first decade of the 21st Century, the most outstanding products for the entertainment sector were the iconic stage deck TM440 and the first, innovative compact Line Array tower TMD-545.  Both of these models are still reference points in their sector for customers around the world.

As GUIL grew, it expanded its production installations, too: a new 3000m2 facility was recently opened, housing 4 production lines equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.  At present, GUIL has almost 9000 m2 of installations.  In 2020, the marketing department designed two different logos to identify each of the company’s divisions.  The two divisions are called “GUIL Event Industry Division” y “GUIL Material Lifters Division”.

GUIL is currently a market leader in design, production and distribution of a wide range of products.  Since it was founded, GUIL has helped its customers to carry out their projects on all five continents, and its products can be found in more than 90 countries.


This anniversary simply reaffirms the values that have marked this Spanish company’s progress during these 40 years: a commitment to people, innovation and internationalisation, retaining the essential qualities of a family company and keeping their centre of operations in Valencia.


“40 years is a long time,” says Eduardo Hinarejos, “but it has gone by quickly, full of projects, innovative ideas, new lines of business, activities, trade fairs, collaborations and great friendships.”


The data backs up the company’s trail of success.  GUIL is one of the leaders in the field of equipment for entertainment: for the last 40 years it has been at the forefront of the manufacture of lifting towers, stage decks, lighting and sound structures, as well as supports and accessories for musical instruments and audiovisual equipment, with a current catalogue of over 500 items.

GUIL have incorporated this milestone in their logo for 2023, with the words “40 Years Aniversario” in a mixture of Spanish and English, and the claim “#MakeHistoryWithGUIL” on social media.

“Thank you for forming part of these 40 years of history, success, hopes, satisfaction in a job well done, many dreams fulfilled and so many others to be fulfilled,” adds Eduardo.  “Here’s to many more years of collaboration.”