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18 May, 2022
Tarima director GUIL - FRESH Gibraltar

Breathtaking natural concert hall in Saint Michael’s Cave in Gibraltar

Natural concert halls are few and far between. After all, what are the odds...
4 April, 2022

The Catheral of Sevilla (Spain) has been equipped with GUIL’s platforms

The Catheral of Sevilla (Spain) has been equipped with GUIL’s platforms to create...
4 March, 2022
La empresa SHOWLAND está realizando una serie de entrevistas a sus proveedores para su revista anual.

Interview by the company SHOWLAND with our colleague Alberto Movilla

The company SHOWLAND is doing a series of interviews with their suppliers for the...
1 March, 2022

Truss estructure for the Endesa Stand at the Copa del Rey basketball final in Spain

The final phase of the Spanish Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) basketball competition took pla...
10 February, 2022

“EL BUEN PATRÓN” film première, with GUIL’s Crowd Control Barriers

On Saturday 12th February, the yearly “Goya” Spanish cinema awards ...
20 November, 2021

GUIL barrier posts en the 30th anniversary of the SICAB show, with Spanish beauties

At the 30th edition of the International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair, 4 peo...
14 October, 2021

Thank you for visiting our stand at the AFIAL fair in Madrid

Our thanks to everybody for the great welcome you gave us at the AFIAL fair in Ma...
8 October, 2021

GUIL’s transparent platforms in the Tenerife Volcanic Fashion Show

Our transparent platforms featured prominently in the latest edition of the...
7 October, 2021

TV Stands for screens of up to 80” in Santa Cruz Palace in Valladolid

On 21st October, the Gardens of Santa Cruz Palace in Valladolid were the scene...
3 October, 2021

GUIL will take part in the AFIAL fair 2021. See you on Stand Nº 20

The 9th edition of the AFIAL fair will take place from 5th to 7th October in Madrid...