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Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the launch of the world’s first COMPACT DESIGN Line Array tower
FEB 03, 2023

GUIL is celebrating two anniversaries, with two different birthday cakes. You probably know by now that this year is our company’s 40th Anniversary as a manufacturer of equipment for events, but it is also now 20 years since the presentation of our first, ground-breaking, compact line array tower, the TMD-545.

This model was a PIONEER in our industry, the result of extensive market research into the requirements of event companies and sound engineers worldwide, along with exhaustive design and field tests carried out by our R&D&i department.

In 2010, in response to demand from sound technicians and other professionals from all over the world, GUIL presented the model TMD-560, a tower made with square truss sections, offering a larger load capacity and a higher lift (8 meters) than the TMD-545/N. Six years later, we presented the more compact TMD-570, similarly fruit of a process of consultation with our customers and other users, and incorporating innovative solutions to make the model as easy and convenient as possible to set up and use.

TMD-570 main characteristics are:

Just 3,68 m3 when stowed (94 x 187 x 210 cm).
Height: 8.25m
Weight capacity: 800 kg.
Fully equipped and ready to use.
Finished: Black colour
It includes everything for use (except for the motor hoist):

– Mast section (exclusive reinforced stacking truss with a trapezoidal base figure).
– Base section with telescopic legs
– Stabilisers and head section.
– Chain bag for the motor hoist


Our Rigging tower TMD-570 is a simply perfect solution for a Touring event company. It is made up of an EXCLUSIVE reinforced stacking truss with a trapezoidal base figure designed and developed by GUIL, and a specially engineered base allowing the whole tower to be stowed away all in one piece.  The tower can lift up to 800 kg to a maximum height of 8.25 metres, allowing it to lift large line arrays.  These features, along with the TMD-570’s folding stabiliser legs, special detachable head piece and stabiliser braces, result in an extremely compact tower, with a stowed volume of just 3.68m3 due to the truss sections that fit inside one another, giving unrivalled ease of storage and transportation.


Thanks to the attention to detail in its innovative design, it is quickly and easily set up in the working position, saving on man power and set-up time. The use of high-quality components means the tower has a second to none safety ratio, keeping it in line with the guaranteed quality and safety that our brand is renowned for. The TMD-570 sports an elegant and inconspicuous look with a black finish as standard, and is designed to be used with a motor hoist (not included) to set up the tower and lift the array.

GUIL Rigging Towers offer maximum safety for operators and public, they have been checked and approved according to the norm EN 13814 (tested by the German Engineering company: Expo Engineering).

GUIL revolutionised the market by designing and manufacturing the first totally compact Line Array tower 20 years ago.  Ever since then, we have been manufacturing our iconic models, continually incorporating new technologies and adapting the design to the changing needs of the market.

It’s hard to argue with the claim that GUIL Rigging towers ref. TMD-545/N and TMD-570 are the essential solution for hanging the PA in your indoor and outdoor events.

20th anniversary of the launch of the world’s first COMPACT DESIGN Line Array tower

– Year: 2003 – 1st Version
– Year: 2010 – 1st Version
– Year: 2019 – Current model
– Year: 2017 – Current model
Line Array Tower TMD-545
Line Array Tower TMD-560
Line Array Tower TMD-545_N