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12 February, 2024

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first COMPACT DESIGN Line Array tower

GUIL is celebrating two anniversaries, with two different birthday cakes. You probably k..
5 August, 2023

GUIL celebrate their 40th Anniversary #MakeHistoryWithGUIL

2023 is not just any old year for GUIL. It’s a very special year, the year that the Span...
25 July, 2023
Gradas-Escenario-(Desonido-24-6-22) (2)

Malaga Symphony Orchestra concert at the Victory Sanctuary in Malaga

An open-air summer evening concert by the Malaga Symphony Orchestra at the Victory...
6 March, 2023

6-metre diameter stage. What size you do you want?

Do you need a specially-shaped stage? Look how easy it is to put together this 6-metre di...
23 January, 2023

Is this your perfect wedding? What would your perfect wedding be like?

How about a raised platform covered in white fabric taking you through an idyllic garden...
26 October, 2022

GUIL in Salvatore FERRAGAMO’s Spring Summer 2023 collection

The Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo held its Spring-Summer 2023 sh...
24 September, 2022

A spectacular setting for a concert in Líthica, Menorca (company Edusound)

A concert in tribute to a pioneering folk group from Menorca called Traginada, in the brea...
24 July, 2022

GUIL’s Crowd Control Barriers with STING in Cluj-Napoca, Rumania

On 30th September 2022, the singer STING put on a concert in the BT Arena in the...
18 May, 2022
Tarima director GUIL - FRESH Gibraltar

Breathtaking natural concert hall in Saint Michael’s Cave in Gibraltar

Natural concert halls are few and far between. After all, what are the odds...
4 March, 2022
La empresa SHOWLAND está realizando una serie de entrevistas a sus proveedores para su revista anual.

Interview by the company SHOWLAND with our colleague Alberto Movilla

The company SHOWLAND is doing a series of interviews with their suppliers for the...