Pipe cradle to lift curved loads (barrels..) – Ref. ACT-01/L

Set of practical adaptors that allow you to lift curved loads e.g. piping, metals drums, air ducts, construction materials, barrels, etc.

It is made up of two parts that are installed on the TORO material lift FORKS (60×60 mm) and are secured using neodymium magnetic locking pins.

Suitable for Ref. TORO A-Range (NEW-2020), TORO B-RangeTORO C-Range and TORO D-Range material lifts.

Net weight: 5.90 Kg / 13 lb (2.95 kg each / 6.50 lb each)

▪ Speed up your lifting tasks

The ACT-01/L pipe cradle adaptors are easily and quickly installed on the tower forks (no tools required), speeding up your tasks; saving on time and increasing productivity.

▪ Maximum functionality

ACT-01/L is designed to lift, position and hold a wide variety of loads that, due to their round shape would normally be very difficult to handle.

▪ Manufacturing

The ACT-01/L adaptors are manufactured in sturdy steel and finished in double layer of textured, anti-scratch powder paint (EPOXY) making it more durable for outdoor use.