Lifter – Top Loading

Max. Height: 4.58 m / Max. Load: 125 Kg
Ref.  ELC-730/R

Compact material lifter designed to raise loads of up to 125 kg (276 lb) to a maximum height of 4.58 metres (15 ft 0.3 in). Stowed height of only 1.45 m (4 ft 9 in).

Incorporates a new system WEIGHT-FREE DESCENT; which allows the lifter’s mast to be lowered with no load.
Fitted with four legs with wheels and levellers for a perfect vertical adjustment.
You can work right next to the wall

Its user-friendly compact wheeled base of 38 x 30 cm makes the ELC-730/R lifter an ideal complement for any kind of lifting task that has to be done in a limited working area both outdoors and indoors.


Maximum height 4.58 m I 15 ft 0.3 in
Maximum Load 125 kg I 275 lb
Height stowed 1.45 m I 4 ft 9 in
Net Weight 37 kg I 81 lb
Minimum Load 10 kg I 22 lb
Working base span Ø 113 cm I Ø 3.71 ft
Stowed dimensions 30 x 38 x 145 cm I 1 x 1.2 x 4 ft 9 in
Material Steel
Adaptors Ø 35 mm I 0.11 ft
Complies with Standards DGUV Regulation 17 & 18, DGUV Rule 115-002, DIN 56950-1 2006/42/CE



Thanks to the wide range of models, adaptors and accessories, our lifting towers are used in many fields, and are acknowledged worldwide for their high quality and durability.


The compact base (only 38 x 30 cm), which offers corridor and single-door access, is provided with two heavy-duty wheels (Ø 100 mm) for easy handling and positioning (wheelbarrow style).  The base is manufactured in sturdy steel and finished in a double coat of textured, anti-scratch black powder paint especially for outdoor use.

We have succeeded in designing a lifter that offers considerable lifting height on such a narrow base, expanding the options available to the user.


Its small footprint of only 113 cm across each pair of legs, allows the ELC-730/R to be used in tight spaces such as bathrooms or corridors, or spaces with obstacles that do not allow the use of lifters with larger bases.  Its detachable legs are held in place with magnetic locking pins (ref. RC-100), which are designed to stick to the steel parts of the lifter if they are dropped, preventing them from getting lost.

Its exclusively-designed legs allow the load to be positioned very close to walls.

All the legs of the ELC-730/R are made of rectangular-section steel for greater strength, and are fitted with swivel wheels with brakes and leveller screw jacks. This means that the lifter can be moved to the ideal position for every job, and secured in place using the brakes.

The levelling jacks, fitted with reinforced nylon spin handles (ergonomic design) and a double-start thread (quicker adjustment) which facilitates the levelling task, can be independently adjusted to an irregular floor or other terrain, making the ELC-730/R perfectly level with the help of the spirit level installed on the lifter.



GUIL have designed a special mast construction that makes the operation of the lifters smoother and more efficient.

– The cable passes from one mast stage to the next through passage points on the corners of the stages.
– Welded reinforced top of each section, which strengthens the mast.
– Internal cushioning system on all four sides to stabilise the mast sections during operation.
– Double resend pulley = Less effort while lifting.
– Pulley protectors to protect the pulleys during handling and transportation, at the same time preventing the cable from coming off the pulleys.
– The top section comes with a reinforcing ferrule with an ergonomic metallic knob.

This material lifter consists of 4 telescopic steel sections finished in a special textured black powder coating for outdoor use.

The ELC-730/R comes with a spirit level incorporated, allowing for an efficient vertical adjustment of the mast sections.

Winch & Cable

The mast sections are raised and lowered by means of an autobrake hand winch fitted with non-rotating steel wire cable with an independent galvanised steel core (DIN 3060), specially designed to avoid twisting and crimping. The cable installed on GUIL’s lifters is the strongest and most flexible available, making operation as efficient as possible.


√   Compact base and small footprint for work in reduced spaces.
√   Legs with swivel wheels with brakes and levelling jacks for a perfectly vertical lifter placed where it’s needed.
√   Fast and easy set-up with no tools required. There are no loose parts.
√   Lifts your loads quickly and effortlessly.
√  Timesaving = Optimum Productivity.
√   Maximum stability, safety and durability.
√   Compact design – Easy manoeuvrability and loading in vehicles.
√   Auto-brake winch that blocks the load in place when the handle is released.
√   With its reduced size and weight, it is easily used by one technician.
√   For industrial, commercial or domestic installations. For both indoor and outdoor use.
√   Hardware made of stainless steel, to ensure maximum reliability.
√   Made in Spain – Components or spare parts available.
√   Manufactured with the most advanced technology, undergoing rigorous quality controls and complying with European CE standards.

GUIL offer a wide range of adaptors for our ELC lifters, with several sizes and kinds of load-tray, as well as roll-lifting adaptors and floodlight holders – which can also be used to hold security cameras – and even an attachment to set up marquees.

For installers of air-conditioning, we have developed a load tray with a reduced size to facilitate installations, in particular the outdoor units of air conditioners. Thanks to the size of this tray the unit can be raised to the level of the brackets and then moved between them, so that you can lower the tower leaving the unit resting on the brackets, without the effort, risk and inconvenience of transferring the unit from the tray to the brackets while standing on a ladder.

The ELC-730/R Lift complies with the lightweight, sturdiness and manoeuvrability requirements needed to lift heavy loads, guaranteeing maximum safety and resistance.  In addition, it fulfils the highest quality standards and safety norms: DGUV Regulation 17 & 18, DGUV Rule 115-002, DIN 56950-1 and 2006/42/CE

To ensure the safety of the users of our products, all GUIL lifters are equipped with winches and cables that are certified for greater loads than those stipulated for each model.  In the interests of safety, and in order to comply with the terms of the guarantee, the lifter should never be used to lift a heavier load than is specified for that model.

IMPORTANT: GUIL’s lifters are not to be used as a hoist for lifting, supporting or transporting people.

The ELC-730/R has a compact and lightweight design for comfortable handling, transportation and storage, including two wheels in the base for easy manoeuvring.  With its stowed height of only 145 cm and weight of 37 kg, it can fit in small vehicles – and even a car – for maximum convenience. This means that one technician can transport and use the ELC-730/R lift with ease, saving time and increasing productivity.

To help take the ELC-730/R across rough terrain on building sites or similar workplaces, the specially designed optional set of Ø 260 mm wheels (Ref. RD-02) can be used, allowing the lifter to be transported wheel-barrow style, rather than carried, to the work site.


Compact telescopic lifting tower designed to raise loads of up to 125 kg to a maximum height of 4.58 metres.