Lifter – Top Loading

Max. Height: 3.30 m / Max. Load: 85 Kg
Ref.  ELC-700

ELC-700 – Material lift to raise loads of up to 85 kg (187 lb) to 3.30 metres (10 ft 10 in).  Stowed height of 1.65 m (5 ft 7 in).

Its user friendly and compact design, with folding and adjustable base (umbrella style), makes the ELC-700 Lift an ideal complement for any kind of lifting task that has to be done in a limited working area both outdoors and indoors.

Maximum height 3.30 m I 10.8 ft
Maximum Load 85 kg I 187 lb
Height stowed 1.70 m I 5.6 ft
Net Weight 12.8 kg I 28 lb
Minimum Load 10 kg I 22 lb
Working base span Ø 155 cm I Ø 5.1 ft
Stowed dimensions 26 x 32 x 170 cm I 0.8 x 1.05 x 5.6 ft
Material  Steel
Adaptors Ø 35 mm I 0.11 ft
Complies with Standards DGUV Regulation 17 & 18, DGUV Rule 115-002, DIN 56950-1 2006/42/CE



Thanks to the wide range of models, adaptors and accessories, our lifting towers are used in many fields, and are acknowledged worldwide for their high quality and durability.



Compact, folding base manufactured in reinforced steel and finished in a double coat of textured, anti-scratch black powder paint (Epoxy) especially for outdoor use.

Its special umbrella-style folding design allows technicians to adjust the base footprint to the work space available for use in small places (kitchens, bathrooms, terraces, etc).


Lifting Tower consisting of telescopic sections made of steel finished in a textured, black powder coating with special anti-scratch properties. This feature, together with the fact that all its components are made with rustproof material, makes the lift suitable for use outdoors, guaranteeing maximum corrosion resistance. Note: For maximum stability, the top section is fitted with a reinforced collar.

These sturdy sections are raised by means of an autobrake hand winch with Ø 4 mm (0.16″) non-rotating steel wire cable of 7×19+0 composition with an independent galvanized steel core, specially manufactured for lifting heavy loads (DIN 3060) and guided by self-lubricating pulleys with bearings.All pulleys and the cable roller-guides have protective metal plates, which have two main functions:
– To prevent damage during the lift handling.
– To stop the wire from coming off the pulleys.

ELC-700 Desplegada + Bandeja

√   Timesaving > Optimum Productivity.
√   Maximum stability, safety and durability.
√   Compact design – Easy manoeuvrability and loading in vehicles.
√   Fast and easy set-up with no tools required. There are no loose parts.
√   Brake winch that blocks the load in place when handle is released.
√   With its reduced size and weight it is easily used by one technician.
√   Compact construction that allows it to be used in tight spaces.
√   For industrial, commercial or domestic installations. For both indoor and outdoor use.
√   Made in Spain – Immediate availability of spare or replacement parts.
√  Manufactured with the most advanced technology, undergoing rigorous quality controls and complying with European CE standards.

GUIL offer a wide range of adaptors for our ELC lifters, with several sizes and kinds of load-tray, as well as roll-lifting adaptors and floodlight holders – which can also be used to hold security cameras – and even an attachment to set up marquees.

For installers of air-conditioning, we have developed a load tray with a reduced size to facilitate installations, in particular the outdoor units of air conditioners. Thanks to the size of this tray the unit can be raised to the level of the wall brackets and then moved between them, so that you can lower the tower leaving the unit resting on the brackets – all without the effort, risk and inconvenience of transferring the unit from the tray to the brackets while standing on a ladder.

ELC-700 is equipped with two safety systems which guarantee maximum reliability and resistance:

It is equipped with a hand winch with automatic braking system. The winch’s auto-block system ensures the load remains in position whenever the handle is released.


Manual fastening knob Knob which is tightened to block the mast in place once it is at the required height.  To lower the platform, loosen the knob.

The lifter complies with the sturdiness and manoeuvrability requirements needed to lift heavy loads, guaranteeing maximum safety and resistance, fulfilling the highest quality standards and safety norms  2006/42/CE, DGUV Regulation 1, DGUV Regulation 17, DGUV Regulation 18, DGUV Rule 115-002.

 IMPORTANT: GUIL’s lifters are not to be used as a hoist for lifting, supporting or transporting people.

The ELC-700 has a compact and lightweight design (1.70 m stowed height, and only 13 kg) for easy handling, transportation and storage, and can fit in small vehicles for maximum manoeuvrability. This means that one technician can transport and use the ELC-700 lift with ease, saving time and increasing productivity.

• Air Conditioner installations
• Pergola and Awning installation
• Heating installations
• Ceiling installations
• Electrical appliance installations
• Material handling
• Industrial
• Carpentry
• Maintenance work
• Multiservice companies
• Airports – Hotels
• Warehouses

ELC-700 lifting towers are to be used with adaptors that have an insertion tube of Ø 35 mm.

* Loading tray / shelf ref. BC-02/H: Tray adaptor to lift all kinds of loads; especially designed to be used with the ELC-700 and ELC-710 towers (sold separately). It has non-slip pads on the top surface to stop the load from moving or being damaged during the lifting process.

As it is made from steel and has a black, anti-scratch paint finish it can be used outdoors and offers maximum durability and resistance against rust.

* Adaptors to lift cylindrical objects, or to hold floodlights or security cameras.

Material lift to raise loads of up to 85 kg (187 lb) to 3.30 metres (10.10 ft).