Lifter – Low-level loading

Max. Height: 4.10 m / Max. Load: 170 Kg
Ref.  TORO A-102/C

Material lifter manufactured in aluminium and steel, designed to lift loads of up to 170 kg up to a maximum height of 4.10 metres.

Its compact design, its easy handling (with no need for additional tools) and its unlimited number of applications make the TORO A-102/C Lifter the perfect complement for any type of job.

Maximum lifting height (Forks up) 4.10 m I 13.4 ft
Maximum lifting height (Forks down) 3.80 m I 12.5 ft
Maximum Load 170 kg I 375 lb
Height stowed 1.75 m I 5.7 ft
Load height 28 cm I 0.9 ft
Safety Systems IPB System (Internal Pendulum Brake) + MSU System
Brake Winch Double-handled
Transport Equipped with 8 wheels
Folding handgrip with wheels Yes. For horizontal transportation and loading in vehicles
Stowed dimensions 75 x 64 x 175 cm I 2.5 x 2.1 x 5.7 ft
Material Aluminium (alloy EN AW 6082-T6) & Steel
Complies with Standards 2006/42/CE
Net Weight 77.5 kg I 171 lb
Sections 3 – Profile dimension (width): 135 mm I 0.44 ft





Thanks to the wide range of models, adaptors and accessories, our lifting towers are used in many fields, and are acknowledged worldwide for their high quality and durability.

Material Lifter-TORO-A-Range

The TORO A-102/C lifter that thanks to its components has a sturdy but light design, is certified to lift loads of up to 170 kg to a maximum height of 4.10 metres.

Its compact design allows it to be transported in small vehicles.

This Material Lifter, with 3 aluminium mast profiles that are raised with a pulley system, is supplied with all the necessary components and accessories for its use: side stabiliser legs with levellers, forks, double-handled winch, wheels for vertical and horizontal manoeuvring, etc.

Our lifters have a special design that allows the legs to be inserted both in the front and the back of the tower, to be able to use it flush to the wall or workspace. These legs are equipped with height adjustable wheels. (Note: Counterweight holder and weights available)

The lifter is equipped with an automatic brake winch with two handles, which stops and holds the load at the desired height; when the handles are released the automatic brake holds the load in place.
The winch has two detachable crank handles, so that the tower can’t be used by unauthorised personnel, and also saves on space for the transporting and storage of the lift.

Thanks to its special design to easily load it into vehicles, the simple positioning of the load to be lifted and its quick and easy set-up this lifter is considered one of the most functional towers on the market.


– Robust yet lightweight and compact lifters, designed to speed up any job.
– Maximum stability, Safety and Strength.
– TORO towers can be operated by one person. Timesaving > Increase in productivity.
– Compact and lightweight designs for easy handling. Corridor and single-door accessible.
– Fast and easy set-up with no tools required. There are no loose parts.
– For a quick, easy and safe raising of the lifter it comes with an automatic brake winch which stops and holds the load at the desired height.
– The lifter is provided with neodymium magnetic locking pins (preventing loss).
– 100% made in Spain, at our factory in L’Alcúdia (Valencia).
– Maximum versatility. GUIL manufactures wide range of accessories & adaptors available to fulfil all lifting needs.
– It can be used for industrial and residential installations, for both indoor and outdoor use.

– FULLY EQUIPPED towers: they are supplied with all the components and accessories necessary for their immediate use (Note: ACT adaptors aren’t included). Comes with the following as standard:
> Removable, adjustable and reversible load forks.
> Removable legs.
> 8 Heavy duty wheels for vertical and horizontal manoeuvring and its loading onto vehicles

TORO A-102/C Material lifts are manufactured using the most advanced technology, carefully selecting the raw materials and having a strict quality control throughout the whole manufacturing procedure. This way we guarantee maximum safety and durability, complying at all times with the lightweight, sturdiness and manoeuvrability requirements needed to safely lift loads.

TORO A-102/C Lifters are equipped with two safety systems to guarantee maximum reliability and resistance during the whole lifting and lowering process:


Automatic Brake Winch with two handles

The automatic braking system stops and holds the load at the desired height: once you have reached the desired height, by letting go of the winch handles the braking system automatically stops and holds the load in place.


IPB System

Internal Pendulum Brake system (IPB): Consists of an internal pendulum system that is automatically activated on each mast section if they were to suddenly fall, which can be easily unblocked by a trigger on each profile (MSU System).

msu + logo 300X200

MSU System

Mast Section Unblocking system (MSU): Each mast has an external trigger that allows the user to unblock the individual profiles when the pendulum brake is activated.

TORO A-102/C Lifters comply with the quality system requirements of European rules and regulations marked by the Norm 2006/42/CE.


> For outdoor use, the tower must be secured with slings, wires, ropes, etc. to prevent movement caused by windy conditions and guarantee maximum stability.



Compact base manufactured in sturdy steel and finished with a double layer of textured powder coating (Epoxy) for outdoor use.

The base is adjustable with two width positions for greater lift stability or for jobs carried out in reduced work areas.

– The base is also provided with two steel mast braces that have two main functions:
1. To increase structural reinforcement.
2.To protect the aluminium mast sections.



TORO A-102/C Lifts come with 660 x 60 x 60 mm reinforced steel forks and magnetic locking pins as standard for a quick set-up.

The forks have three fundamental features:

– Special reversible design; to be able to set them at two different heights, gaining more height when fully extended.

– Adjustable design; to accommodate different load sizes.

– The forks can be removed; for a more convenient transporting and storage of the tower.


The lifter is equipped with 3 mast profiles made of high strength extruded aluminium that are extended by means of pulleys with bearings covered and a galvanised steel wire rope for high strength and durability (specially manufactured for lifting loads).         


The mast sections are secured to the base with a “U” shaped steel plate which is larger and thicker than most.

The tower base has a blocking hook to prevent profiles from moving during its horizontal transportation.


TORO A-102/C Lifting Towers, which come with 6 heavy duty wheels as standard, are designed to be transported both vertically and horizontally:

– For vertical manoeuvring:
> When the legs are stored away the tower can either be tilted back, wheelbarrow style (using the two fixed Ø200 mm wheels on the base).
> When the legs are down it can be easily manoeuvred thanks to the two fixed wheel on the base and the two swivelling wheels with brakes (Ø100mm) found on the legs.

– For horizontal manoeuvring and its quick and easy loading onto vehicles:
> Two wheels (Ø100mm) on the back of the tower on the manoeuvring handles (fold-away with two positions), which protect it from possible bashes
> Two wheels (Ø200mm) on the back of the base, which are used to help to tilt the tower back into the horizontal position.

Note: All the wheels are specially designed for delicate flooring (non-marring).


Material lifter TORO SERIE A-102/C  manufactured in aluminium and steel, designed to lift loads of up to 170 kg up to a maximum height of 4.10 metres.

* Auto-brake Winch with two detachable crank handles saving on space in storage and transportation. Complies with European Directives.
* Forks with reversible design to gain height. Detachable for convenient transporting and storage.
* Adjustable manoeuvring handles with wheels.
* Large wheels (Ø200 mm) for easy manoeuvring. All wheels made with special non-marring elastic material.
* Fitted with 2 stabliliser braces for greater strength.
* More mast overlap for a greater resistance. Prevent fishing rod effect.
* Adjustable and removable legs with swivelling Ø 100 mm with brakes – non-marring.
* High strength extruded aluminium mast sections. Special galvanised steel wire rope with steel core. Construction: 7×19+0