Maintenance professionals aren’t limited to a single job, they carry out an infinity of tasks with very different characteristics.  They often work by themselves – a school or hospital caretaker, or similar figures in a multitude of buildings and institutions –  and maintenance work demands a practical knowledge of a wide range of equipment, including the skill and tools necessary to keep it up and to repair it.  GUIL’s lifters can prove invaluable to maintenance professionals, giving them the possibility to access, install, service or repair material in many locations, including reduced spaces where a motorised lifting device will not fit.

    • Lifters for Hotel maintenance

    • Towers for Airports maintenance

    • Material lifts for Community Centre and Museum maintenance

    • Industrial Installations

    • Lifters for Multiservice companies

    • Lifting towers for Screens – Signs

    • Towers to hang Artwork



One person will need help for many tasks when carrying out maintenance work.  GUIL’s lifters can be a maintenance professional’s second pair of hands, helping them to get jobs done more easily, quickly and safely.  Lifting and holding items for installation, storing items in any one of the storerooms of the premises, setting up and taking down rarely-used equipment: just some of the jobs where GUIL can make the difference.

GUIL’s TORO models are 2 lifters in 1, useable as a standard material lifter or as a counterweight model.  As a counterbalance lifter, the TORO is perfect to install or replace windows, or handle any item that must be moved up close to the wall or other workface.  Changing the configuration between standard and counterbalance versions takes literally only 2 or 3 minutes.


Working above the ground is a risk in itself.  Taking heavy or bulky items up a ladder or a step-ladder on your own is even more risky.  A GUIL lifter, perfectly balanced on its strong, adjustable legs and stabilisers, will take those heavy or bulky loads up to the place they need to be, where you can store them, fix them in place, or whatever it is you need to do.  Minimum risk, maximum convenience, maximum safety.

Our emphasis on safety is personified by the components that we install in our lifters, like our auto-brake winches, or the appliances like the emergency mast brake system and our own mast unblocking mechanisms.  Work with total confidence with GUIL lifters.




GUIL lifters are not only strong and reliable – they’re compact and easy to stow away, too.  With stowed heights ranging from 1.35m to 1.99m, and base dimensions of 95 x 66cm at most, they require very little storage space when not in use, and can be taken out and set up for action in only a couple of minutes.

Our machines can be easily transported in a van or even, in the case of ELC lifters, in a car boot.  TORO machines come equipped with wheels for transportation in either vertical or horizontal position and for loading in vehicles, and are easy to take from one location to another to do different jobs.


The wide range of different tasks that need to be done in maintenance work may require a number of different lifters, and in this respect, too, GUIL has the solution.  Our lifters offer load capacities of 85 kg to 440 kg, and a maximum lifting height of 8 metres, enabling maintenance professionals to undertake almost any task with minimum effort and optimum results.

As well as the lifters themselves, our catalogue includes many attachments for both our ELC and TORO lifter collections, including fork extensions, load platforms, boom arms and cradles for cylindrical or curved loads.  If we add to those characteristics the fact that you’ll be using a 2-in-1 lifter as described on another page, GUIL lifters are surely the maintenance professional’s dream come true.