Glass is like nothing else.  It’s everywhere in our lives – but it’s transparent, so we see through it and don’t notice it.  It’s also fragile: professionals need to be able to handle their material with dependability, precision and strength.  GUIL manufactures a wide range of compact lifters that can lift large sheets of glass as high as 8 metres, and professionals can use these devices in many different situations for the best possible results.  The extensive catalogue of TORO models means that you can find a model for whatever job you need to do.



  • Towers to install Windows

  • Lifters to install Windscreens (buses, trucks)

  • Lifting towers for Panelling

  • Material lifts to install Building facades



GUIL’s TORO lifters are 2-in-1 machines, which can be configured for use as a standard material lifter or as a counterweight model – and changing from one version to the other takes only 2 or 3 minutes.  As a counterweight lifter, using a suction cup head to lift the glass, a TORO lifter allows you to carry out glass installation jobs more quickly and with less personnel than with other means, moving the glass right up to the work area.  The lifter will raise the glass to the position required, and hold it there while you fix it in place, finishing the job in less time than with other methods.  Quicker work means greater productivity and less tired workers.


Not all glass installations take place in wide open spaces.  TORO lifters can be set up to work in tight spaces, with their side stabiliser legs deployed against walls if necessary, to install glass panels on stairwells, for example.  They can also be used for indoor jobs without damaging delicate floors.

Our lifters are compact, with stowed heights of as little as 1.61m, and can easily be loaded into a van for transportation to an external work location.  All these models are equipped with a total of 12 wheels as standard, for horizontal or vertical transportation and easy loading into vehicles. They are quick and uncomplicated to set up, and are able to fit through single doors and travel down corridors.




The TORO lifter range offers nearly 20 compact models of different sizes and capacities to help you carry out glass installation work with just about load in any situation.  From the 250 kg load capacity and 4.0 m lift of the TORO  B-201/C, to the 350 kg capacity and 8.0 m lift of the TORO D-407 (with other TORO lifters lifting up to 440 kg), we have a lifter for every glass installation professional.

GUIL manufacture attachments for many specific jobs, and the ACT-05 hook arm is ideal for hanging the suction cup head on.  Any such head from a specialist manufacturer will fit on the hook arm, and help remove much of the hard work of glass installation.


Safety is always important, but with a material like glass, this is even more true.  Lifting heavy glass items with a TORO lifter is, of course, safer in itself than taking them up a ladder to be installed.  The device’s safety features mean that risks are reduced to the minimum.

TORO lifters are fitted as standard with side stabilisers and extendible legs with levelling jacks for perfect stability, and the auto-brake winch and emergency mast brake mean that workers are protected at all times.  Our commitment with worker safety is evident in the quality of the materials and components that we use to produce our machines.