Converts material lifts into a mobile crane – Ref. ACT-05

This load hook adaptor converts TORO material lifts into a mobile crane, specially designed to lift loads where the lifting tower needs to be positioned as close as possible to the work area at the same time offering a high load capacity.

This practical heavy duty load arm with a hook is secured directly on the fork carriage profile with M12 nuts and bolts (included); the forks are not necessary.

IMPORTANT:If you want to use the lifter only with this ACT-05 load hook adaptor and don’t need the forks that are usually supplied as standard with the tower, inform us and the tower will be supplied without the forks (deducting the price of the forks from the tower price).

This adaptor has a different reference depending on the tower model it is used with, see below:

  • TORO B-Range material lifts: ACT-05/B-2 Adaptor – Net weight: 4.50 kg (9.92 lb)
  • TORO C-Range material lifts: ACT-05/C Adaptor – Net weight: 7.00 kg (15.43 lb)
  • TORO D-Range material lifts: ACT-05/D Adaptor – Net weight: 7.50 kg (16.53 lb)

This adaptor is not suitable for the A-Range towers.
Note: The lifting tower’s load capacity is reduced when using this adaptor.


The ACT-05 Load Hook adaptor can be used for the suspension and installation of sheets of glass by fixing a special suction cup adaptor.

This accessory is also perfect for lifting engines, industrial tools, circuit breakers, air conditioning units etc., maximising the applications of your TORO material lift.

If you are going to use this adaptor and need to insert the front legs into the back of the lifter, counterweights MUST be used. GUIL manufactures a handy counterweight holder ref. CB-01 and counterweights ref. CW-01/20.


The ACT-05 Load Hook adaptor is manufactured in sturdy steel and finished with a double layer of a textured, anti-scratch powder paint (EPOXY) making them more durable for outdoor use.