Installing ceiling-mounted air-conditioning with our ELC-710 lifter

Installing ceiling-mounted air-conditioning with our ELC-710 lifter in Yorkshire (UK)
APRIL 03, 2024

A material lifter is an invaluable tool for professionals who install HVAC equipment.  It will lift the apparatus up to the height where it is to be installed, holding it there while the installers make all the necessary connections and fasten it in place.  In this project, fitters from the UK company Yorkshire Contractor Solutions are using an ELC-710 lifter equipped with R2-710 optional wheels and a BC-02/H load tray.

The wheels play a vital part in this job, as seen in the project, allowing the ELC-710 to be manoeuvred into position with the ceiling unit raised, avoiding the ceiling structure elements, to fasten the unit to the brackets that have already been fixed to the ceiling.  GUIL manufacture two ELC models with optional wheels (Ref: ELC-710 and ELC-720/I), and a further two with wheels on the legs (Ref: ELC-725 and ELC-730/R).  There’s a good reason why these four COMPACT lifters are the ones most frequently bought for HVAC installation.