Fork extensions for Material Lifter – Ref. ACT-02

To maximise the applications of your TORO material lift these fork extensions can be used to lengthen the standard forks.

The ACT-02 adaptor is made up of two parts that slide on to the TORO material lift FORKS (60×60 mm) (covering the full length of the forks for greater strength) and are secured using neodymium magnetic locking pins.

Suitable for Ref. TORO B-Range, TORO C-Range and TORO D-Range material lifts.

Note: The lifting tower’s load capacity is reduced when using this adaptor.

* This adaptor is not suitable for the A-Range towers.

Net weight: 5.14 Kg / 11.33 lb (2.57 kg each / 5.66 lb each)

Speed up your lifting tasks

The tubes are quickly and easily installed on the tower forks (no tools required); speeding up your tasks, and consequently saving on time.

▪ Maximum functionality

The ACT-02 adaptor allows you to offer up the load flush to the wall making work easier and increasing productivity.

This accessory also allows users to lift, position and hold larger loads than the standard forks.


The ACT-02 fork extensions with a quick and easy installation are manufactured in sturdy steel and finished with a double layer of textured, anti-scratch powder paint (EPOXY) making them more durable for outdoor use.