Lifting and installing wooden beams in Germany with a TORO D-406

MAY 17, 2022

Installation of wooden beams of over 4 metres in length by the Austrian company Holzbau Straßer GmbH, in the German town of Traunstein.  As a first step in the installation of windows in a new building, Holzbau Straßer had to fasten large, solid wood beams to the top of the window openings, and to do so they used a TORO D-406 lifter from GUIL.

For this job, the versatility of the TORO lifters, which can be configured as counterbalance lifters by positioning the legs behind the mast, was key, as the beams had to be fastened to the very edge of the window-frame.

With the counterweights ref. CW-01 placed in the counterweight holder ref. CB-01 on the legs, and the forks inverted in order to be as close as possible to the ceiling, the lifter was able to take the beams right up to the wall and lift them into place to be fastened to the ceiling.

The beams, of approximately 15x30cm section, then formed the basis of the window frames for the building.

Nobody else can offer you this flexibility: as always, GUIL LEADS THE WAY:

More than 10 years ago, GUIL created their special 2-in-1 lifter base, a feature that is unique in the world, which allows any of our B-, C- and D-range models to be used as a standard lifter with the legs in front of the mast, under the forks, or as a counterbalance lifter, with the legs behind the mast and weighted down with counterweights.


This makes GUIL’s 2-in-1 TORO lifter much more versatile than any other lifter and, of course, far cheaper than buying two machines. Use it as a standard lifter normally, but when you need to get as close as possible to the workface (walls, vehicles, etc), or if you need to move a load up a ramp without fear of the lifter overbalancing, then transform it into a counterbalance machine in just a couple of minutes.

We’re always thinking of your safety: The height-adjustable wheels on the front legs and the side stabilisers of the TORO lifters allow the device to be levelled even on uneven surfaces like a building in construction, meaning that loads will be raised 100% vertically. 

The front forks can be inverted to give greater height when lifting, which has allowed the load in the photos to be lifted as high as the ceiling to be fastened to it.  They are also adjustable and demountable.  Both the forks and the side stabilisers are included as standard in the price of a TORO lifter, and are not charged for separately. Because safety cannot be an option.

Holzbau Straßer are an Austrian company founded in 1991 by Ferdinand Straßer, and provide made-to-measure structures and coverings in wood for just about any building project. The 2-in-1 nature of the TORO lifter allows Holzbau Straßer to use it in standard mode for most jobs, but as a counterbalance machine when necessary, a flexibility that they greatly appreciate.  The company’s principal premises are in the German town of Bad Teinach-Zavelstein, though they have taken on jobs all over the two countries.  Roofs, pergolas, carports, cladding, even whole houses…  Holzbau Straßer will design and manufacture each project to satisfy each customer’s requirements.


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